Playing Live Sports

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 Live in-game betting on sport events is arguably the most exciting thing to happen in the gambling industry for many years. This doesn’t underestimate all the other achievements online casinos and bookmakers have made over the past 15 years, but making live in-play bets is really something that changes the whole game. The options for combinations and short-term bets are now really immense, making players flexible and adding some real spice to the match day fun. Many gamers now choose to watch a game they intend to bet on just so that they can place live bets on it, taking advantage of bigger odds, as well as the more standard bets which are most often placed before a sporting event and often checked on after the event has finished.

Betting live, however, requires knowing how the odds change. Firstly, bookmakers set prices on markets just as they would in any ordinary gambling market. These odds however shorten or lengthen according to the events as they happen. Of course, this all happens under the constant supervision of the statisticians responsible for setting the odds for the bookmaker. Odds are also changed under the influence of bets already placed on a particular outcome. Those changes are usually pretty small, not having an impact over the balance as a whole unless a particular event sees an unusual amount of betting activity on it. These odds by betsafe however shorten or lengthen according to the events as they happen.

It is also important to note that some live bets are based on spreads. In those cases the odds don’t change, just the rules of the market. So, to start with an example, one of the easiest ways to try winning on the NBA is as follows: watch the game and wait for one of the teams to score a few more baskets than would be expected. There is an average spread between the score of one team and the other. You can always check some statistics, since the teams play a lot of games against each other each season. Betting on +13.5 spread between teams that usually end separated in 6-8 points is a good call that should be offered at attractive odds.

In football there are regularly games where one team is such clear a clear favourite to win the match, or at least not lose it, that there is barely any point in betting on that outcome. However, if the unfancied team scores first the odds will tilt in that team’s favor, making it then more worthwhile to bet on the favourite coming from behind. The later the game goes with the underdog still in front, the better the odds you will then get on the favourite coming from behind to win.

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Why Being an Innovator Pays Off

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Betsson has been a fixture of the online casino world for some time now. Not only has the company been around for a long time but the company has developed into one of the biggest players on the market and helped shaped the online casino industry as it is today. This of course includes its work with regulators in helping define online and real live gambling for the next century. It might sound a bit overstated, but it is so. With the development of technology like that provided by Betsson, online casinos have emerged as an industry that is worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

However things weren’t like that when Betsson was emerging a dozen years earlier. Currently resident in Malta, the company was then registered in London by three Swedes. In 2001 online gambling was still neither regulated nor particularly popular. Gamblers were still very much in the habit of visiting their local bookmaker or possibly visiting a traditional casino on occasion. This meant that establishing an online casino was a ground-up endeavor with developers, lawyers, legislative specialists, experts in finance and new media all needing to collaborate. This is natural – such an innovative project that actually went a long way to determining the face of gambling in the next years can’t have been easy to get off the ground . At this point in 2001 the estimated number of online gamblers globally was “just” 8 million. By 2008 the revenues for the industry had reached about 21 bln USD. Although Betsson was at the vanguard of the online casino revolution it was not alone. So what makes the company so innovative?

The brand was one of the first online casinos to provide live betting on a sporting event which was revolutionary at the time. Getting a team of statisticians and developers to work together for the creation of system that works both for the players and the casino was thought impossible a few years ago. Even the first company to implement it, Betfair, developed the legislative framework and the basic of the system along with Flutter, later acquiring the system. The brand was one of the first online casinos to provide live betting on a sporting event which was revolutionary at the time. You can even find a great live casino by Betsson offered nowadays.

Over the intervening years Betsson has gradually started to penetrate different global markets, becoming the market leader in Northern Europe and holding major positions in most of the big gaming markets and many of the major developing markets. This is made possible by constantly providing users with new opportunities – live betting, online poker, scratch cards, casino games etc.

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Betsson’s New Orleans Jackpot Quest

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new-orleans(edit)Betsson is starting the year with an absolutely mouth-watering giveaway. One lucky winner in January will jet off to New Orleans with a friend on a Carnival adventure to attend the Mardi Gras in March of this year. In order to win players need to top the Mardi Gras Leaderboard. This is achieved by playing any of three newly launched slot machine games, available on both desktop and mobile. A jackpot win on either of the three new slot games will get you into the game and every further jackpot will propel you into and then up the Leaderboard. Whichever player has won the most in jackpot strikes on the new slots over January will win the trip – a double bonus.
Jazz of New Orleans is the first game eligible for the New Orleans Jackpot Quest. This is a brightly coloured five reel slot themed on the nightlife and jazz culture of New Orleans, the grand dame of the Deep South. The symbols are whisky glasses, crab dinners, music-related images and sultry women, creating an atmosphere which evokes thoughts of sweaty, alcohol-lubricated nights of fun and music on the long, hot summer nights of old New Orleans.
Ring the Bells is the second slot in the New Orleans Jackpot Quest. This game has a traditional feel to it. It is three reels and has fruits and gold just like those good old-fashioned fruit machines in the pubs used to have! And, perhaps unsurprisingly given the name, you have bells. The jackpot is activated when you move into bell mode, which occurs whenever five or more bells come up at once on a spin. This game is fast-paced and simple and one for the traditionalists.
Cowboy Treasure is the third and final slot to figure in this particular prize giveaway and as the name would suggest, it has a Wild West theme to it. This is a five reel game with relatively simply and slightly childish visuals. It is pretty much the same game as Jazz of New Orleans with the Wild West theme, but visually Jazz is the far more attractive game. So unless you have a penchant for cowboys you will probably prefer to play on Jazz.

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Betsson Casino Store – New Daily Offers

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daily-deals-1As part of our highly regarded bonus scheme to reward regular gamers who come to enjoy Betsson’s various online gambling products we have introduced a series of daily bonuses, one for every day of the week. These offers change regularly so we can keep things fresh and keep you incentivised. Currently the daily offers available to each and every one of our gamers via our Casino Store are as follows:
Monday Spins
Anyone depositing £10 or more in the Betsson Casino on a Monday will receive a massive 30 free spins on the record-breaking slot Mega Fortune. The Mega Fortune slot is one of the biggest accumulative slot games in the world with jackpots of over £10 million having been reached.
Cashback Tuesday
It’s great to always take an optimistic approach to life however as any fan of casinos knows, not every day is a lucky day. Some days you win and some days you lose when it comes to casino games. Even the most strategic players have to rely on luck to a degree. With this in mind Tuesday’s bonus is a defensive one and we return 10% of all losses incurred playing Mega Fortune via mobile devices.
Free Spin Wednesday
Hump day always needs a little cheering up so if you play at least 50 spins on Mega Fortune this Wednesday we’ll give you an extra 20 just like that.
Win Win Thursday
As much as every day is not a lucky day when playing online casinos, many days are, so Thursday’s bonus is the inverse of Tuesday’s and we’ll add 10% on top of any winnings you make throughout Thursday.
Top Up Friday
Friday is always a special day so deserves a particularly special bonus. On Friday we are rewarding every deposit on Mega Fortune with a 50% bonus added to it up to £25.
Jackpot Weekend
And of course, the best is saved for last. We have a Mega Fortune Tournament every weekend with a £2500 prize fund. The leaderboard shares the fund with ranking based upon the best net wins over twenty consecutive rounds.

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Betsson Poker Bonus Code

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poker-double-ace-chips-970x475About Betsson Poker Room
Betsson was originally established as Scandinavia’s leading sports betting company and throughout the noughties expanded into an online casino and poker room. The company’s initial strength was in the Scandinavian countries but have since expanded to become a major player internationally.
The Betsson poker room is part of the huge MicroGaming network, sharing players with a number of other popular online pokers rooms, ensuring a constant high volume of players and tables at any given moment twenty-four hours a day.

Poker Room Bonus

Using the bonus code MPOKER300, players receive a one-off bonus of 200% of a new deposit of up to £300. The bonus is paid out only when a player generates £5 in fees for the poker room, either through the rake or in tournament fees at a ratio of £1 bonus for every £5 in fees. The bonus is paid out in three instalments as the release requirement is met.

The poker room also has a loyalty points scheme which kicks in when players play real money games. As per the usual loyalty scheme model, players are rewarded with points in relation to the poker room’s revenue. So for every £1 the poker room takes in from a player in the rake or as an entry fee, the player receives 10 loyalty points which can then be redeemed as contributing towards future entry fees etc. You can redeem loyalty points as cash in your bankroll at £1 for every 30 loyalty points, or as a contribution towards tournament buy-ins at 100 loyalty points per £1 of the buy-in.

Rakeback Bonus

Regular players who qualify for Betsson’s special VIP Monthly Bonus are able to qualify for a refund on their rake contributions of up to 30%. This is not exclusive of other bonuses and can be combined without any restrictions.

Player Restrictions

As a result of both licensing restrictions and local regulation, Betsson’s Poker Room is unable to accept players from the USA, Canada, Israel, Norway, Turkey or Russia.  If you have an account at any other poker room in the MicroGaming network you can play in the Betsson poker room using your Microgaming account details.

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Betsson Bonuses

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bonuspointsWhile here at Betsson we know that it is the quality and reliability of our products and service that keep our players happy, we also realise that new arrivals and loyal players of our casinos deserve to be well rewarded for their patronage. As such we always have attractive bonuses in place that all of our casino’s gamers can avail of.

Intro Bonus

The first bonus that you will ever receive as a Betsson gamer is our special introductory bonus.
Sportsbook Intro Bonus – if you are opening an account with the Betsson Sportsbook you will receive a deposit match bonus on your first deposit. This means that we will double your initial deposit up to £100 or EUR 100, depending upon your country of residence. This is a great leg-up to help you start building your bankroll.
Casino Intro Bonus – the Betsson Casino offers an intro bonus of £25 before any deposit is made as well as a deposit match of 100% up to £1000 on your first deposit. We are confident that this is a bonus structure that cannot currently be beaten by any serious casino in the industry.
Poker Room Intro Bonus – The Betsson Poker Room’s intro bonus is a staggering 200% of your first deposit up to £300. That means that if you make a first deposit of £300, your account will start with a £900 bankroll to get you going.

Tiered Bonuses

Our ongoing bonus system changes regularly but we almost always have ongoing deposit match offers at regular intervals. Depending on whether you are playing on the Betsson Sportsbook, the Betsson Casino or in the Betsson Poker Room these will vary but can be for every deposit you make at certain moments, or more commonly at intervals of every five deposits. For full details of the current bonus offers please refer to the Betsson bonuses pages which are both on our main site and all sub-domains.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions connected to bonuses vary and you should always make sure that you understand them to avoid mistaken expectations. Most commonly you will have to wages a bonus a certain number of times before you are able to cash it out.

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