Betsson’s New Orleans Jackpot Quest

new-orleans(edit)Betsson is starting the year with an absolutely mouth-watering giveaway. One lucky winner in January will jet off to New Orleans with a friend on a Carnival adventure to attend the Mardi Gras in March of this year. In order to win players need to top the Mardi Gras Leaderboard. This is achieved by playing any of three newly launched slot machine games, available on both desktop and mobile. A jackpot win on either of the three new slot games will get you into the game and every further jackpot will propel you into and then up the Leaderboard. Whichever player has won the most in jackpot strikes on the new slots over January will win the trip – a double bonus.
Jazz of New Orleans is the first game eligible for the New Orleans Jackpot Quest. This is a brightly coloured five reel slot themed on the nightlife and jazz culture of New Orleans, the grand dame of the Deep South. The symbols are whisky glasses, crab dinners, music-related images and sultry women, creating an atmosphere which evokes thoughts of sweaty, alcohol-lubricated nights of fun and music on the long, hot summer nights of old New Orleans.
Ring the Bells is the second slot in the New Orleans Jackpot Quest. This game has a traditional feel to it. It is three reels and has fruits and gold just like those good old-fashioned fruit machines in the pubs used to have! And, perhaps unsurprisingly given the name, you have bells. The jackpot is activated when you move into bell mode, which occurs whenever five or more bells come up at once on a spin. This game is fast-paced and simple and one for the traditionalists.
Cowboy Treasure is the third and final slot to figure in this particular prize giveaway and as the name would suggest, it has a Wild West theme to it. This is a five reel game with relatively simply and slightly childish visuals. It is pretty much the same game as Jazz of New Orleans with the Wild West theme, but visually Jazz is the far more attractive game. So unless you have a penchant for cowboys you will probably prefer to play on Jazz.