The Duel : Reward – Euro25,000

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With new and exciting slots on the rise at Betsson, jackpots and gamble bonus rounds are available to be won on a daily basis. The Betsson Classics collection has proved to be a popular choice among the players and now you can win even more on these games in The Duel competition between the Classics/

The Duel will pick which slot is the Ultimate Classic.  Two Classics will go head to head against each other on a weekly basis. The five biggest wins on both games will be entered into the respective leaderboards and the game with the largest combined jackpot value by the end of the week will be declared the winner. The 5 players will each win a Euro1,000 cash prize at the end of each week.

Participate now to win a share of the total of Euro25,000. Join the Duel.

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