Starting Off Small

smallGenerally speaking, when comparing online and live play, the online game will contain more difficult opposition even in games with similar stakes. Someone playing live cash games might feel overwhelmed by the competition in online games of similar or even smaller stakes. Online play eliminates much of the ‘social sciences’ of poker and becomes increasingly a game of luck and mathematical analysis.

Starting out with lower stakes poker enables the novice player to begin playing online with a smaller cash investment. This can alleviate the undue stress associated with losing as well as the transitional growing pains many live play poker players experience with online. Lower stakes allow players to focus on their long-term goal of becoming successful players.

I advise players gradually progress till they find a point at which they feel comfortable. Take it slow and play conservatively at first; neophytes in the world of online poker should become acquainted with the subtle nuances and behavioralal abnormalities of the average online player before playing at tables with higher stakes.

Understand many online regulars are inflexible. It’s important to look at the players at the table before you decide to open any hand pre flop or call any bet. There are always many things to consider. Use your brain and make wise decisions that are not emotionally fueled. Whenever you’re about to make a hero call against somebody, ask yourself one thing. Is this person’s play style passive or aggressive? How have they been betting? If the answer is unknown or passive, you should most likely fold to the big bet. Laying down a hand when presented with little intelligence about a specific player is more advisable than losing your bankroll to them.

Many players, even in low-stakes games utilize blanket strategies and play up to 16+ games at a time. They typically have a by the numbers approach to winning, and can act very predictably. Perceptive players can catch these kinds of people slipping and win big against them. That is why even a person used to playing high-stakes live cash games aggressively ought to start off small online. The goal starting out should be to familiarize yourself with the nuances of playing online and learning to play solid poker without becoming a poker robot.