Seeking Outside Assistance : Forums & Coaching

tyler-frost_team_online_caochingThe majority of what I have been focusing on has been broad techniques of self-improvement; showing you how to benefit from software or how to become a better player by modifying your behavior. Eventually you may want to seek outside assistance from someone who can focus more specifically on you and your play style. The easiest way to do this is to join a forum or player blog to discuss specific questions that come up (,, etc…) Poker players are by their very nature a little arrogant, and many of them will jump at any opportunity to look smarter than you. You will get great advice from a diverse pool of players from all levels of play and experience. You will be surprised how easy it is to have players tell you exactly what they would have done in your position. Try to diversify your friends on the forums. Make friends with the regulars on the forums that are as good as you and better than you.

I have never personally used a poker coach before, but I know that they do exist. These coaches will analyse your play hands and bet history and critique your decisions. They may even help you learn to spot tells or eliminate your own. A quick Google search will find you dozens of online or local resources on coaching. A few friends of mine have used coaches in the past and have improved; but I have never wanted to pay for lessons when I could acquire the same information elsewhere for free. If internet chats are not your thing though, and hands on coaching is something you are more interested in, a coach may be beneficial. Many professional players utilize them, and finding the right coach can be that missing element to winning more. A warning to the wise though, there are lots of good and bad coaches out there. I have won plenty of money over the years off so called “poker coaches”. Often these coaches are just players who need a little extra money and are running a bluff. Do your research and find someone who legitimately knows what they are talking about. If possible get references from other players and see if they will tell you their screen name so you can verify how good they are. Keep in mind though that being good at poker does not relate directly to being a good poker coach.