Playing the live sportsbooks? Leverage your betting with this bonus

Betting on sports is often seen as something quite different from the other games of chance and cards that you can find at online casinos. This is probably a reflection of the fact that in order to be successful at betting, you have to possess skill.

Unlike a game of chance such as the one armed bandit, where you cannot affect the outcome of the game, playing live sportsbooks requires skill, knowledge and often also at genuine interest in the sports played. Unlike poker tournaments, where opponents may vary but the rules and other conditions always remain the same, keeping up in the world of sports betting is quite the different thing.

So what live sportsbooks bonus can leverage your game and take your winning to new heights? The answer is actually: pretty much all of them. But there are two bonuses that stand out in the crowd. The first one is the deposit bonus, which lets you bet with money that partly belongs to you, partly to the casino or betting site.

This bonus is so effective, that it often actually doubles your odds of winning, making it possible for you to value bet in completely new ways. Since you still win the same amounts but only betting half the money chances are you can play different sites and make pure and clean value bets in almost any game.

The second, very nice feature, is more of a bonus offer than a proper bonus. Many casinos and betting sites will give you free bets from time to time. These free bets require you to deposit and play with your own money but in case you should lose, all you have to do is e-mail or contact the agent and the wager will be put back into your account. This is a surefire way of making money, and probably the best live sportsbooks bonus around today.