Playing Live Sports

 Live in-game betting on sport events is arguably the most exciting thing to happen in the gambling industry for many years. This doesn’t underestimate all the other achievements online casinos and bookmakers have made over the past 15 years, but making live in-play bets is really something that changes the whole game. The options for combinations and short-term bets are now really immense, making players flexible and adding some real spice to the match day fun. Many gamers now choose to watch a game they intend to bet on just so that they can place live bets on it, taking advantage of bigger odds, as well as the more standard bets which are most often placed before a sporting event and often checked on after the event has finished.

Betting live, however, requires knowing how the odds change. Firstly, bookmakers set prices on markets just as they would in any ordinary gambling market. These odds however shorten or lengthen according to the events as they happen. Of course, this all happens under the constant supervision of the statisticians responsible for setting the odds for the bookmaker. Odds are also changed under the influence of bets already placed on a particular outcome. Those changes are usually pretty small, not having an impact over the balance as a whole unless a particular event sees an unusual amount of betting activity on it. These odds by betsafe however shorten or lengthen according to the events as they happen.

It is also important to note that some live bets are based on spreads. In those cases the odds don’t change, just the rules of the market. So, to start with an example, one of the easiest ways to try winning on the NBA is as follows: watch the game and wait for one of the teams to score a few more baskets than would be expected. There is an average spread between the score of one team and the other. You can always check some statistics, since the teams play a lot of games against each other each season. Betting on +13.5 spread between teams that usually end separated in 6-8 points is a good call that should be offered at attractive odds.

In football there are regularly games where one team is such clear a clear favourite to win the match, or at least not lose it, that there is barely any point in betting on that outcome. However, if the unfancied team scores first the odds will tilt in that team’s favor, making it then more worthwhile to bet on the favourite coming from behind. The later the game goes with the underdog still in front, the better the odds you will then get on the favourite coming from behind to win.