Why Being an Innovator Pays Off

Betsson has been a fixture of the online casino world for some time now. Not only has the company been around for a long time but the company has developed into one of the biggest players on the market and helped shaped the online casino industry as it is today. This of course includes its work with regulators in helping define online and real live gambling for the next century. It might sound a bit overstated, but it is so. With the development of technology like that provided by Betsson, online casinos have emerged as an industry that is worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

However things weren’t like that when Betsson was emerging a dozen years earlier. Currently resident in Malta, the company was then registered in London by three Swedes. In 2001 online gambling was still neither regulated nor particularly popular. Gamblers were still very much in the habit of visiting their local bookmaker or possibly visiting a traditional casino on occasion. This meant that establishing an online casino was a ground-up endeavor with developers, lawyers, legislative specialists, experts in finance and new media all needing to collaborate. This is natural – such an innovative project that actually went a long way to determining the face of gambling in the next years can’t have been easy to get off the ground . At this point in 2001 the estimated number of online gamblers globally was “just” 8 million. By 2008 the revenues for the industry had reached about 21 bln USD. Although Betsson was at the vanguard of the online casino revolution it was not alone. So what makes the company so innovative?

The brand was one of the first online casinos to provide live betting on a sporting event which was revolutionary at the time. Getting a team of statisticians and developers to work together for the creation of system that works both for the players and the casino was thought impossible a few years ago. Even the first company to implement it, Betfair, developed the legislative framework and the basic of the system along with Flutter, later acquiring the system. The brand was one of the first online casinos to provide live betting on a sporting event which was revolutionary at the time. You can even find a great live casino by Betsson offered nowadays.

Over the intervening years Betsson has gradually started to penetrate different global markets, becoming the market leader in Northern Europe and holding major positions in most of the big gaming markets and many of the major developing markets. This is made possible by constantly providing users with new opportunities – live betting, online poker, scratch cards, casino games etc.