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Tips for conference games

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Sports betting in general can be difficult (bookmakers wouldn’t be business after all if it was easy), and there are some special challenges and opportunities related to betting at the Big 12 conference. There is a strong tendency for favorites to win, which may seem like a trend that makes things a little easier. Put a bet and have a maybe 75% chance of turning a win. That’s true, the downside is that sportsbooks are also aware of this high probability, so the odds you get will be on the short side. And the problem with card odds betting is that if you do more, it only takes a few who don’t come out to push you off the green and into red. However, if you can get decent odds, background favorites can work in your favor.

Emotional volatility

Any athlete can be affected by his emotional state, and this is especially true for the younger players who include teams in the Big 12 conference. This can swing both ways from a game perspective. Keeping an eye on what’s going on outside the stadium can give an indication of performance (whether it’s not playing well or getting angry and incuring penalties). But it also adds some volatility to performance in general, while older athletes may be a little more disciplined. Volatility increases uncertainty, which may mean that bookmakers’ price odds are wrong.

Unfortunately, the rumor mill is what you have to go for, because it’s simply not the same level of information that’s publicly available when it comes to college sports. The advantage is that if you get a reliable source, it is unlikely that this information will be known by other players or gambling sites that give you a chance to make a well-trained game.

Canadian interest in the Big 12

Canada’s interest in the Big 12 conference has grown in part thanks to people like Chuba Hubbard (winner of the Jon Cornish Trophy awarded to the most prominent Canadian student athlete in NCAA Football). Although Hubbard was a rookie with a red jersey, he was the NCAA’s leading scorer in 2019 and was named offensive player of the year in the Big 12 Conference.

It’s not just one-way traffic either with a lot of big 12 players ending up in the CFL. There are literally dozens of such players heading north across the border, including people like Zachary Barnes and Samuel Eguavoen of Texas Tech, Josiah St. John and Jarvis Baxter of Oklahoma, William Powell of Kansas State and many more.

Competitive odds make the favourites a good shout

An interesting feature of the Big 12 conference is how competitive master odds can be. For the 2019-20 season, the odds ranged from only 11/4 to 14/1. For a set of 10 teams, the maximum odds are only 14/1 very short. By comparison, ACC Wake Forest had odds of 100/1 in acc wake forest. An even sharper contrast abroad is with Leicester City FC, who were around 5,000/1 to win the English Premier League in 2015-16, something they continued to do. The advantage of these tight odds is that it is a sign of how competitive the conference is. It’s also worth noting that Kansas, the favorites, actually did very well until the pandemic threw the sport into chaos. And in a tight market, the favorite can often have appealing odds (when outsiders have three or four digits to their name, the favorites can be ridiculously short, meaning there’s not much profit to achieve). Support favorites for the title can be a smart player.

Smart bonus game

Sports bonuses can be another way to monetize the Big 12 conference. Bookmakers often offer free, small bets to regular players, sometimes with improved odds. You can only use these to increase a game you want to make anyway, otherwise you can be cunning and do something for a smaller but guaranteed win. If you have a free bet, place the corresponding but opposite bet with a different bookmaker or switch so that you end up in front of both ways. Please note that if you try this with the same website that gives you the bonus, they will probably discover it and may well consider it in violation of the terms of the bonus, so it is better to use another website for counterbites.

Some Canadian and foreign bat sites online are multi-level and offer both casino and sports betting sections. In these cases, you can take advantage of free bonus money or free spins in the casino section to get money for sports betting. The way to do this is to redeem such an offer and then choose the highest RTP slots (return to the player) you can find (98% is very high and 97% is quite high). Just play through until you reach the wagering requirement, the minimum amount you have to play before the payout and then withdraw the bonus money and any associated winnings, or transfer it to the sports section.

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Playing Live Sports

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 Live in-game betting on sport events is arguably the most exciting thing to happen in the gambling industry for many years. This doesn’t underestimate all the other achievements online casinos and bookmakers have made over the past 15 years, but making live in-play bets is really something that changes the whole game. The options for combinations and short-term bets are now really immense, making players flexible and adding some real spice to the match day fun. Many gamers now choose to watch a game they intend to bet on just so that they can place live bets on it, taking advantage of bigger odds, as well as the more standard bets which are most often placed before a sporting event and often checked on after the event has finished.

Betting live, however, requires knowing how the odds change. Firstly, bookmakers set prices on markets just as they would in any ordinary gambling market. These odds however shorten or lengthen according to the events as they happen. Of course, this all happens under the constant supervision of the statisticians responsible for setting the odds for the bookmaker. Odds are also changed under the influence of bets already placed on a particular outcome. Those changes are usually pretty small, not having an impact over the balance as a whole unless a particular event sees an unusual amount of betting activity on it. These odds by betsafe however shorten or lengthen according to the events as they happen.

It is also important to note that some live bets are based on spreads. In those cases the odds don’t change, just the rules of the market. So, to start with an example, one of the easiest ways to try winning on the NBA is as follows: watch the game and wait for one of the teams to score a few more baskets than would be expected. There is an average spread between the score of one team and the other. You can always check some statistics, since the teams play a lot of games against each other each season. Betting on +13.5 spread between teams that usually end separated in 6-8 points is a good call that should be offered at attractive odds.

In football there are regularly games where one team is such clear a clear favourite to win the match, or at least not lose it, that there is barely any point in betting on that outcome. However, if the unfancied team scores first the odds will tilt in that team’s favor, making it then more worthwhile to bet on the favourite coming from behind. The later the game goes with the underdog still in front, the better the odds you will then get on the favourite coming from behind to win.

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Why Being an Innovator Pays Off

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Betsson has been a fixture of the online casino world for some time now. Not only has the company been around for a long time but the company has developed into one of the biggest players on the market and helped shaped the online casino industry as it is today. This of course includes its work with regulators in helping define online and real live gambling for the next century. It might sound a bit overstated, but it is so. With the development of technology like that provided by Betsson, online casinos have emerged as an industry that is worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

However things weren’t like that when Betsson was emerging a dozen years earlier. Currently resident in Malta, the company was then registered in London by three Swedes. In 2001 online gambling was still neither regulated nor particularly popular. Gamblers were still very much in the habit of visiting their local bookmaker or possibly visiting a traditional casino on occasion. This meant that establishing an online casino was a ground-up endeavor with developers, lawyers, legislative specialists, experts in finance and new media all needing to collaborate. This is natural – such an innovative project that actually went a long way to determining the face of gambling in the next years can’t have been easy to get off the ground . At this point in 2001 the estimated number of online gamblers globally was “just” 8 million. By 2008 the revenues for the industry had reached about 21 bln USD. Although Betsson was at the vanguard of the online casino revolution it was not alone. So what makes the company so innovative?

The brand was one of the first online casinos to provide live betting on a sporting event which was revolutionary at the time. Getting a team of statisticians and developers to work together for the creation of system that works both for the players and the casino was thought impossible a few years ago. Even the first company to implement it, Betfair, developed the legislative framework and the basic of the system along with Flutter, later acquiring the system. The brand was one of the first online casinos to provide live betting on a sporting event which was revolutionary at the time. You can even find a great live casino by Betsson offered nowadays.

Over the intervening years Betsson has gradually started to penetrate different global markets, becoming the market leader in Northern Europe and holding major positions in most of the big gaming markets and many of the major developing markets. This is made possible by constantly providing users with new opportunities – live betting, online poker, scratch cards, casino games etc.

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Table Talk : Playing the Small Blind Comments Off on Table Talk : Playing the Small Blind

Table Talk : Playing the Small Blind

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Small BlindAn experienced player knows how important betting position plays are in poker, especially in Texas Hold’em. The Small Blind position is a very tricky one to be in. The evil truth is that even the best of players find it difficult to win money in the small blind and chip totals weigh heavily in tournament and no limit play. That is why the goal of this article is to teach you how to reduce the amount of money you will lose, so that you can increase overall the amount you win outside of the blinds.

There is one fundamental reason why being the small blind is difficult, and that is the fact that we are going to be first to act in every round after the flop. Being in this position means that our opponents get to see how we acted, giving them seemingly more information on the strength of our hand than we have on theirs. Even though the small blind may be perceived as a losing seat, it does not mean we have to lose every time we have the position.

We already know when playing from the small blind, we are going to be at a disadvantage. Therefore when we are in the small blind, we will want to stay in only if we have strong hold cards to compensate for our poor betting position. Never feel committed to any pot just because you have paid into it. It is not profitable to try and protect money you were obligated to bet (big or small blinds). That is why it’s a seemingly good and common small blind strategy to fold pre flop or after the first raise.

Don’t be afraid to play a hand in the small blind position if you have a strong enough hand to do so. By being somewhat selective we can increase our chances of winning the hand despite our bad betting position. A big mistake when playing in the small blind can be the notion that it’s always worth seeing a flop, as half of your big blind bet is already in the pot. While having half of the big blind in the pot does improve the pot odds, there is the distinct possibility you are setting yourself up for a bigger loss. The extra half of the big blind bet may seem like a reasonable price to pay to see a flop, but in reality it is a very dangerous play for the less experienced player. The losses stack up after a while, and as I stated earlier chip totals are what matter in the long run.

With all this in mind, I will say that I’m the kind of player that feels we lose 100% of the hands we fold. I do not like to fold my hand without seeing a flop despite the contradictory advice I just gave you. I almost always stay in a hand unless the pre flop betting exceed my reasonable odds of an out or my hold cards are too weak to ever be a winning hand (I’ll explore hold cards in a later article). I strongly advise though that the inexperienced player wait till they have an eye for winning hold cards and get out of the hand early to protect their chip stack from dwindling unnecessarily.

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Betsson’s New Orleans Jackpot Quest

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new-orleans(edit)Betsson is starting the year with an absolutely mouth-watering giveaway. One lucky winner in January will jet off to New Orleans with a friend on a Carnival adventure to attend the Mardi Gras in March of this year. In order to win players need to top the Mardi Gras Leaderboard. This is achieved by playing any of three newly launched slot machine games, available on both desktop and mobile. A jackpot win on either of the three new slot games will get you into the game and every further jackpot will propel you into and then up the Leaderboard. Whichever player has won the most in jackpot strikes on the new slots over January will win the trip – a double bonus.
Jazz of New Orleans is the first game eligible for the New Orleans Jackpot Quest. This is a brightly coloured five reel slot themed on the nightlife and jazz culture of New Orleans, the grand dame of the Deep South. The symbols are whisky glasses, crab dinners, music-related images and sultry women, creating an atmosphere which evokes thoughts of sweaty, alcohol-lubricated nights of fun and music on the long, hot summer nights of old New Orleans.
Ring the Bells is the second slot in the New Orleans Jackpot Quest. This game has a traditional feel to it. It is three reels and has fruits and gold just like those good old-fashioned fruit machines in the pubs used to have! And, perhaps unsurprisingly given the name, you have bells. The jackpot is activated when you move into bell mode, which occurs whenever five or more bells come up at once on a spin. This game is fast-paced and simple and one for the traditionalists.
Cowboy Treasure is the third and final slot to figure in this particular prize giveaway and as the name would suggest, it has a Wild West theme to it. This is a five reel game with relatively simply and slightly childish visuals. It is pretty much the same game as Jazz of New Orleans with the Wild West theme, but visually Jazz is the far more attractive game. So unless you have a penchant for cowboys you will probably prefer to play on Jazz.

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Betsson Casino Store – New Daily Offers

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daily-deals-1As part of our highly regarded bonus scheme to reward regular gamers who come to enjoy Betsson’s various online gambling products we have introduced a series of daily bonuses, one for every day of the week. These offers change regularly so we can keep things fresh and keep you incentivised. Currently the daily offers available to each and every one of our gamers via our Casino Store are as follows:
Monday Spins
Anyone depositing £10 or more in the Betsson Casino on a Monday will receive a massive 30 free spins on the record-breaking slot Mega Fortune. The Mega Fortune slot is one of the biggest accumulative slot games in the world with jackpots of over £10 million having been reached.
Cashback Tuesday
It’s great to always take an optimistic approach to life however as any fan of casinos knows, not every day is a lucky day. Some days you win and some days you lose when it comes to casino games. Even the most strategic players have to rely on luck to a degree. With this in mind Tuesday’s bonus is a defensive one and we return 10% of all losses incurred playing Mega Fortune via mobile devices.
Free Spin Wednesday
Hump day always needs a little cheering up so if you play at least 50 spins on Mega Fortune this Wednesday we’ll give you an extra 20 just like that.
Win Win Thursday
As much as every day is not a lucky day when playing online casinos, many days are, so Thursday’s bonus is the inverse of Tuesday’s and we’ll add 10% on top of any winnings you make throughout Thursday.
Top Up Friday
Friday is always a special day so deserves a particularly special bonus. On Friday we are rewarding every deposit on Mega Fortune with a 50% bonus added to it up to £25.
Jackpot Weekend
And of course, the best is saved for last. We have a Mega Fortune Tournament every weekend with a £2500 prize fund. The leaderboard shares the fund with ranking based upon the best net wins over twenty consecutive rounds.

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